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Customer Relations

The benefits of positive customer relations

My experience at Summit Coffee highlights several of the biggest benefits of positive customer relations:

Customer retention : Because I had a relationship with the staff at Summit Coffee, I stopped there every day for my morning brew. When your customers know they’ll have a positive experience with your business, it’s very difficult for a competitor to woo them away.

Customer loyalty : Even though I no longer live in North Carolina, I still stop by Summit Coffee every time I visit my alma mater. Having positive relationships with your customers inspires a type of loyalty that overcomes many common reasons why customers defect, including cost and convenience.

Customer acquisition : I introduced many friends to my favorite coffee shop during my time in North Carolina and happily recommended it at every opportunity. I’m still recommending them to this day in blog posts that have nothing to do with coffee.

Customer satisfaction : Because I had a great relationship with the staff at Summit Coffee, I would have felt comfortable talking with them about any problems I encountered with their products or service. Given that most customers will just stop patronizing a business rather than complaining, positive customer relations make it easier to get customer feedback.