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About Us



To enable home ownership for every Indian across the nation.



  • To focus on low income segment
  • To provide valuable financial services at affordable rates
  • To expand our network to every corner of the nation and widen the net of financial and economic inclusion
  • To go one step beyond in serving our customers, providing a sense of security and creating customer delight
  • To speak the language of respect, dignity, and courtesy with every customer.


Our values govern the purpose of our organization and direct our actions internally & externally.

Shanvi Micro Federation

To work with an innovative approach to housing finance credit, creating new business opportunities whilst managing risk.

Shanvi Speed

To set clear performance standards and stand responsible & accountable for providing solutions within specified timelines, with nimbleness and agility.

Shanvi Customer Delight

To maintain respectful relations with customers and deliver customer delight through all our actions whilst measuring our performance on the value delivered to our customers.

Shanvi Integrity

To honour our commitment, act with responsibility, honesty and transparency across all our external and internal relationships.

How Personal Loans Work

After you’re approved for a personal loan, the funds you receive will be deposited into your bank account in a lump sum. The transfer may take as a little as 24 hours or as long as a few weeks, depending on the lender. You’ll have to start making monthly payments as soon as the loan is disbursed.

Most personal loans have fixed interest rates, which means that your payments will stay the same every month. Personal loans are also typically unsecured, meaning there’s no collateral behind the loan. If you don’t qualify for an unsecured personal loan, you may have to use collateral to be approved, like a savings account or certificate of deposit. You can also ask a friend or family member to co-sign on your personal loan to help you get approved.

Whatever your loan purpose, you’ll likely have several options available to you. Financing is available through credit cards, home equity loans and more. However, in many cases, personal loans are an ideal solution for consumers. Personal loans are often less expensive than credit cards, and funding is faster than with home equity loans or HELOCs.

Additionally, because there’s usually no collateral tied to a personal loan, it’s a less risky form of financing than secured loans like home equity products — meaning your home, vehicle or savings account is not immediately at risk if you default.